Playing poker online, of course, requires you to download the Poker application first. Poker games that can be played online have indeed emerged since the advancement and existence of Android. So that this becomes the main influence of the development of the poker game so that it can be played online via a smartphone owned by each user. In addition, online poker games also require an application to be played via your smartphone. This certainly makes a lot of users upgrading the game. so this also makes an increase in application download requests to be able to play poker games via owned smartphones. With a poker game application, of course you can install the application on your smartphone to be able to play the game whenever you want. But in downloading an application, of course you also have to know a few things that you should avoid when downloading the application. You can find out a number of things that you should avoid when downloading the game application as below.

Avoid using an Android version that is incompatible with the game

In each application, of course you have to adjust to the Android version found on your smartphone. Because each application has differences. so before downloading the trusted Poker application, you must first check whether the application is suitable for the Android version you have. An error that often occurs that is made by some players is that they do not first check the compatibility of the Android version with the poker online via pulsa to be played. so that it has an impact on the failure of the download process that is currently running.

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Avoid Downloading On Full Android Memory
You should also avoid downloading games on a full Android memory. This error is an error that also often occurs due to the negligence of the players. Because the players do not first check the memory contained in the Android smartphone used for the download. so that when the download takes place and the memory on Android is full, the download process that you are currently running will automatically stop and cannot continue.

Avoid Using Corrupt App APKs
Sometimes players do not check the APK application that will be downloaded. Actually this is also very important for you to check, because ensuring the condition of the APK application that you are going to download is also useful for the smooth running of the download process that you are running. The mistake that is often made is not checking the APK of the application. So that players do not know that the APK is damaged or missing which can cause the download process to fail.

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