Avoid the Robot Poker Online Game

Avoid the Robot Poker Online Game

It is important for players to know that not all players idn poker sitting at the online poker game betting table are all genuine players . If you see that there is one player who always wins steadily and rarely gets big losses, you should stop playing. No wonder if the game opportunities have been infiltrated by robots. Generally, naughty online game bookies they infiltrate the robot to get around the game so that real players experience defeat. Being a wise online poker gambling player, you should be aware of this. Therefore we will provide some guidelines for avoiding robots in online poker games.

Using strange pseudonyms – In general, robots often use strange pseudonyms. They rarely reply to player chats if there is no expression in the game of poker even though they score continuous wins. What’s worse, they can score wins of up to several tens of rounds continuously. They can read all player cards or the cards that will come out on the betting table, so they can predict the cards of all players. Of course it’s so detrimental to the real players.

Avoiding Players Who Win Up to Several tens of Times See the robot’s victory continues to win even though the player’s card is high enough. Generally, the card value is thin, the robot still dares to make bets and even increase the value of the bet continuously. If you are a player who meets the above, you must be alert if it is a robot used by the dealer. Try to chat or send emojis and see if the player replies to your chat or not. If you just stay still, you have to be on standby, it’s a robot and quickly move it to another table.

A Guide To Stay Away From Online Poker Games That Use Robots

Don’t Try to Bluff Robots Online poker game players generally have used the following steps, bluffing both opponents and players. But the following steps are not effective and even useless if you encounter your opponent a robot. Because the robot can know which card you are holding. If you have a card with a value below the robot, so the robot will still follow the amount of your bet value, you can even increase the relevant bet amount. So if you often lose by trying to bluff it is definitely a robot.

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Fixed Card Combination is Good – Being a player if you get a good combination of cards, of course we increase the number of bets. If there are players who often participate in increasing the number of bets if they still have a better combined card value, you have to think badly that it is likely that he is a robot. Because in general, robots still get a better combination of cards from players even though players have felt that they are getting the best at the table. In fact, players often lose to do All-In so they meet a good card. This is of course an opportunity for some robots to win the game easily by following your bet amount.

Lots of Chips

Robot Chips have a large number – If you look at the online poker game table if there is an inequality of chips that are relevant, the two must be prejudiced if it is a robot. Because the robot will win every game so it’s no wonder his chips have the most among other players.

Everything that is reviewed above is a little guide from us regarding the guide to avoiding Robots in an exciting online poker game that makes real players lose without realizing it. Because there are so many online poker gaming sites that try to get around their members. So be careful and stay alert in playing online poker games.

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