Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger game is an Asian Bandar Sbobet Casino game first introduced in Cambodia. It can be played at many online casinos and players love it for the speed and simplicity of the game. It’s also a favorite of straight bettors, who often follow every winning hand on the scoreboard and bet accordingly.

Dragon Tiger is played with a Standard English deck of 52 cards. No jokers or wild cards are used, and the game is most often dealt from blackjack shoes holding six or eight decks. Unlike most casino games, Dragon Tiger players don’t play against the dealer. Instead, like baccarat, the goal of the game is to correctly choose which hand, either Dragon or Tiger, will receive the highest card. Unlike baccarat, where a player or banker takes an additional card, Dragon Tiger is actually closer to a Casino War game, as only one card is dealt to the Dragon spot and then one to the Tiger spot. No additional cards drawn.

Place a bet
After placing a bet on the Dragon or Tiger, the player waits for the dealer to place a card on the layout, face up. The highest card wins, but there are two important rules to consider. First, the aces are low, so the order of cards, low to high, is Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-JQK. In addition, regardless of whether the player bets on Dragon or Tiger, if both places receive the same rank card, such as 8 verse 8, the hand is a tie, and the house takes ½ of each bet. Otherwise, high cards win and low cards lose.

The casino won’t have an edge if it doesn’t take something from each game. There are a total of 86,320 possible outcomes for each hand. Of those, 6,448 resulted in a tie, which gave the Agen Sbobet Terbesar  an edge on the Dragon and Tiger bet of 3.73%. That edge is higher than Casino Wars, and much higher than baccarat.

Tie Bet
The Player can also bet on a tie, which is one of 6,448 possible outcomes of 86,320 hands. The standard payoff for a tie is 8 to 1, which gives the casino a very healthy 32.77% edge. If you’ve played Casino Wars, you know that the tie bet pays 10 to 1, for a casino edge of about half, which is 17.83%. In fact, an online casino can pay 11 to 1 and still maintain a casino edge of 10.36%

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Big and Small Bets
Players can also bet on whether a certain card (Dragon or Tiger) will be Big (over seven) or Small (under seven). This bet has six cards as Big (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) and six cards as Small (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Bets win when there are correct numbers, Big or Small, and lose not. The bet also loses if the card drawn is 7. The casino has a 7.69% edge on these bets.

Suit Bet
Players can also bet on which suit will be drawn. The bet pays 3 to 1 on the correct suit and loses when the selected suit does not appear for the selected hand (Dragon or Tiger). Again, the casino gets its edge by taking the bet when the number 7 comes up.

There is little strategy in Dragon Tiger, but many players are betting along with the final winner, hoping to catch a streak of hands dominated by the Dragon or Tiger spots. In addition, if the number of decks being used is offered by the online casino and the software shows when the deck is being shuffled, there is a possibility that the casino edge could be reduced by card counting, as blackjack players do to turn the table. at the casino.

A player can keep track of the suit (or both) or big and small cards to gain an edge. Keeping track of the suits played is easiest, as there are only four possibilities. Anytime three of the four suits appear in more than one suit, it would be the better bet to bet on that one suit.

For example, if one deck is used and 10 cards are played and all of them are hearts, spades and diamonds, then a bet on the club suit would be a very good bet! There will be 13 winning cards that will come up and only 29 will lose. If you are dealt all remaining cards, you will lose 29 bets, and win 13, each is paid 3 to 1 (39 bets), and your overall win is 10 units. Players can create their own chart to find the winning parameters for the number of other decks used. Eight-deck shoes are most likely to be encountered and will likely be shuffled after four decks are used.

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