Easy Ways to Deposit QQ Game Online

Easy Ways to Deposit QQ Game Online

Online Idn Poker often reviews the advantages of one well-known site, the trusted online qq site . For the best online QQ site, online QQ does have many advantages. The advantages that are most discussed are about the easy store at the famous Official online QQ Poker Agent, how deposits can be carried out really and easily, which is one of the advantages of this online QQ site. For those of you who are still new to the meaning of store, below are the details for you.


Depositing on the online Gameqq site is almost like with other qq sites. At this well-known trusted online QQ site , the depot can be simplified so that you buy chips. Chip is a tool in the form of a tube used to place bets. Simply not the same as bitcoin or virtual money. Through this chip you can place bets online. Then, how do you get the chips?


To get chips on the online qq site there are conditions. You must register for a member on the qq online site. If you are not registered, then you should not and cannot purchase chips. The step of registering for qq site members is really easy. Please enter the registration menu or go to the link so that registration can be carried out as soon as possible. You will be immediately directed to the registration form which you must fill out.


You must and must be a member of a trusted online poker game site because to deposit you must first enter the site. After entering the site, select the store menu. After entering the store menu, there will be a way to deposit correctly. Except for the method, there will be many choices of account numbers that you can choose from. Existing account numbers are divided into BCA, BNI, BRI and Mandiri banks. You just have to choose one of them. But emphasize that the account number is an active account number. After that, write down the account number.

Why does it have to be an active account? There are several facts. The first, if you deposit or send to an online qq site account that is not currently active, therefore your deposit will come in after 1 × 24 hours of waiting until the account is active. And even worse if you make a transfer to an inactive account. If that happens because of that all the funds you move will be forfeited. This is an opportunity because the government has locked the account.



Unless you have to correctly write the qq online bookie account number, you must also set a Deposit value. Make a minimum deposit of 50 thousand in order to get a big addition. Especially if this is your initial depot. There will be a big addition so you should have done a fairly large depot so you can get some big additions. Don’t forget to make a number or transfer amount with three unique pieces. This means that your deposit will be easily recognized by Dominoqq agents. For examples and methods, make a deposit with the amount 50,667 or 51,112 or some other unique number. This is to speed up your deposit.


If you have decided on the amount you want to deposit, then make a transfer. Get the transfer done. After successful transfer, you must save proof of delivery. Even though it rarely happens, but to avoid it when the depot doesn’t make it in, you already have proof. Unsuccessful sending generally occurs because the bank does not send immediately. Proof of transfer is also important for later verification.


the next step you need to do after the depot is successful is verification. Do verification on the deposit pakai pulsa telkomsel. The trick is to go back to the depot menu. After entering the deposit menu, select the deposit verification menu. When you select the verification menu, you will be directed to the verification sheet. Fill in the verification sheet correctly. Terms ranging from the amount of the deposit, the date of depositing to the time of depositing. If it matches the information on the proof of transfer, send the form. At that time the depot would immediately enter.

That’s just the easy deposit steps on the online qq Game site. deposit on this qq game is really easy and will quickly be able to enter our account. If not, immediately enter, because of that, do verification at the dealer through a visit. Send talk via live visit and with proof of transfer. In a few moments the deposit will be processed as soon as the money has entered the agent’s account.

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