Capsa Susun Online the game Best Poker Games

Capsa Susun Online the game Best Poker Games

If parents must be familiar with this Capsa Susun Online, what else are young people today who always open the internet, of course, when they gather to spend time together, capsa means cap and sa, cap means ten and sa means 3, so it means it is thirteen

How to play this capsa using 52 cards, this game is very much enjoyed by many young and old groups in Indonesia from ancient times to the present, because this game is easy to play and fun, and also excited when playing with bets. die we discussed about Dominobet Susun Online this

Rules for playing Capsa Susun Online :
Capsa means thirteen, so each player will hold thirteen cards that you have to arrange, how to arrange the cards? How to arrange these cards is very easy because players only need to follow the card ranking values ‚Äč‚Äčlike playing poker. Let’s discuss it in the following article:

  • Capsa Susun Online is played by 4 people.
    Each player is dealt 13 cards which must be arranged into 3 levels which will be used to compete when playing ‘
  • Biggest and smallest cards.
    In general, the smallest card in the capsa stack game is 2 and the highest card is an ace card
  • Capsa stacking card arrangement.
    Playing this capsa stack is almost similar to the game of poker, what’s the difference?, The difference is playing this capsa stack we arrange it into 3 levels, 5 most powerful card combinations, 5 combination cards, and 3 remaining cards
  • Card formation.
    In this game the cards must be arranged (5-5-3), and must be played with 4 people, no less and no more
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Combinations in Capsa Susun

  • Dragon
    If in a game of poker, Royal Flush is the highest card, in the draw, the Dragon card is the highest. This card consists of the numbers 2 to Ace. If one of the players gets this card, then it is immediately declared winning and the game ends and continues to the next period
  • Royal flush
    Is the highest card in poker, right? but there is also in the capsa stack too, the smallest stack is a 10-card with an ace card of the same color and flower
  • Straight flush
    Almost the same as a royal flush, the difference is that this straight flush consists of the lowest 10 numbers, for example 5 6 7 8 9 10 like that, but the color and flower must be the same as well.
  • Four of kind
    This card is most often obtained when playing poker, you must get 4 cards that are similar like, KK-K-K like that.

And many more such as

it’s exactly the same as poker, it’s very easy, right? So if you are able and fluent in playing and getting to know the levels in this Capsa Susun , then you can try using real money. But you don’t just choose the online gambling web … Choose the trusted online gambling web that we refer to, so it’s guaranteed that you won’t be tricked. To see how to choose a trusted online gambling web, please check here> Trusted Online Gambling Web

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