It is true what the players say is that agen poker online games are fun to play but it is not known that there is something to be afraid of in this game, namely online poker site bots . The meaning of the bot itself is like a system robot that is deliberately inserted into the game table to defeat the members. So that this can have a bad impact on the members of course. Many have regretted this because it ruined the exciting game of poker. But that is just the opinion of the members who feel and experience the incident against the robot that always wins in every round.

What needs to be known is that the robot doesn’t actually exist, maybe those who have experienced it only meet senior players who are having great luck. Every online poker site makes the games provided are fairplay to give trust to its members. In the original game player versus player there is no mix of robots or anything else. As a site you have to convince all players and not to believe in strange things. Sometimes it is often encountered when playing poker maybe because of the many players who are good at this old game. For beginners it must come as a surprise to keep winning every round and rarely losing. Here we collect the criteria for avoiding bots as below.

Criteria for a Bot Player on an Online Poker Gambling Site .
It has been reaffirmed not to play with players who are suspected of being bots on online poker sites . This only makes the risk of losing even greater and will not benefit the player. It’s best to always focus and don’t be fooled by this. From now on, players can be more vigilant for those who just know because they read this article. The following are some of the criteria:

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Name or Username is Unclear / Irregular.
Indeed, this is one of the characteristics of their robot as it is made by the system because its name is not clear. It is certain that those who have experienced have seen an account like this. So, the action that must be taken is to pay attention to just 3-5 rounds of what happens. If the player feels suspicious or something is wrong and feels sure that he is a robot, immediately stop playing and change to another table. Whether it’s too late or not realizing, the players will automatically lose quickly.

Keep an eye on the winning players.
This incident will definitely be encountered by players but don’t let it escape the monitoring of the players. Because it can be very deep because the players who are not aware will definitely play on and are curious about wanting to win .. Even though our cards are already good but can still lose, the guess is correct. The nature and calmness must be considered not to be tempted or exposed to the lure of the players so that they will not leave the table. The point is not to fight online poker bots because there will be no way to win.

Played for a long time at the table.
After knowing and ensuring that there is a robot on the table, just pay attention while playing. It must have been a long time at the table. Therefore, players need to realize quickly and imagine that not getting continuous income can change your luck. It would be nice from now on players to be more careful not to harm themselves.

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