How to find out robots in online poker games

How to find out robots in online poker games

IDN online poker players who are used to playing poker online are certainly no stranger to the term robot in poker. The presence of robots in online poker games is the act of poker agents where this is indeed quite detrimental to many parties, especially poker players.

Here are several ways to find out about robots in a trusted online pokerqq99 game :

1. Robot Players Cannot Answer Chat In poker games, there will be players who do not take part in the conversation. Please chat with these players. If he doesn’t answer at all, it is certain that it is a robot in charge of draining the other players’ chips.

2. Can Online 24 Hours

Real poker players cannot play continuously for 24 hours. This will be different for the robot that is programmed to reap as many player chips as possible.

Most of these player robots are robots fielded by online poker agents and are not reasonable.

3. Poker Chips That Are Taken At The Betting Table Quite A lot. However, it is different when robots play in table bets in poker. The robot’s job is only to win the betting chips on the table without any arrangement to store the winning chips in the program.

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