How to Market Hotels, Nightclubs, and Restaurants in an Economic Crisis

How to Market Hotels, Nightclubs, and Restaurants in an Economic Crisis

In our production line of work where one small mistake could cost the entire show to go bust, even one mistake be it a temporary production crew having an attitude towards a client, a small cable not being patched correctly affecting the entire rig of the show, is not an acceptable excuse.

Having come from a background of production working and managing for over 6 years were making sure each speaker is satisfied no matter what the circumstances and staying up all night with a client to meet last-minute requests is not unusual, it’s dismaying to be met with unfriendly staff over the phone or via face at many Las Vegas hotels.

Many staff is extremely short and their verbal command of English is extremely rude. If a customer is trying to seek answers, instead of trying to provide solutions, the staffs at marketing departments or PR departments are fast in cutting my conversation short.

I am thinking, no wonder there is a problem with the current economic crisis on why casinos are losing 69%. Although, the mart of online such as bandarq online is still pretty constant considering the fact that more and more players are into online gaming these days.

This is a fast sure way to lose customers really fast.

What would I do if I was an executive in Las Vegas agen bola sbobet hotels, nightclubs or restaurants?

I would talk to all the top company executives around the globe, I would hire multi-culturally savvy staff and put them on trial to perform before hiring for at least two years and do a questionnaire as to what customers really need from a hotel, nightclub, and restaurant.

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I would prioritize as follows:

  1. Focus on enhancing customer service – send situs slot terpercaya to a class that Ritz Carlton has.
  2. Increase productivity- lots of hotels in Vegas are lacking technology. Consult with the best in the industry to enhance customer technology experience. Recognize returning customers and give them free access to wifi in the room.
  3. Gather info on what the customer likes- such as the brand of chocolates, cigar brand, whatever choice of food and recreate the best environment for the customer.
  4. VIP hosts- they need to be more proactive in understanding who the good clients are. Even if it’s meeting planner or audiovisual production-related managers, this is something that the marketing department and group sales need to combine. Lots of clients I have seen are disgusted when they are not treated as well as a high roller. Group room sales, booking hotels still in a big picture enhances profits to the hotel. Hotels need to acknowledge that.
  5. Enhanced communication- Follow what Ritz Carlton does.
  6. Partnerships- constantly formulate partnerships with companies that have technology that hotels might require.
  7. Create events for customers to want to keep on visiting your venue.


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