How to play DOMINOQQ Online

How to play DOMINOQQ Online

Of course, hockey enthusiasts will know about the game DOMINOQQ Online QQonline ? which of course has mushroomed everywhere in the world of online gambling, this one game is mostly played on the biggest official agents such as IDN POKER etc., with a lightweight application of course so that all players can easily access it even though they are using an outdated cellphone nowadays, but still can be played easily and anytime anywhere.

Get to know DOMINOQQ Online & QQ agen domino games

So this dominoqq game is a game that uses 2 domino cards with 2 parts, namely the top and bottom with a 0-6 red circle on each side of the card. Each player is dealt 4 cards to play.

Online dominoqq games also have rules such as poker games etc. of course

  • How to count it per 2 cards, for example the first 2 total values ​​are 9 and the other 2 are 5, then your final score is 95. This number will be competed with other players / players at the end of the game round
  • If the number is above 9, it means that the tens number is removed, for example the total number of cards is 14, so only 4 counts, the front is removed
  • The highest number in the online dominoqq game is the number 9, it can be said that when we get the number 9 it is already at a safe point

Actually, the online dominoqq game is a game that is simple and easy to learn, and you can potentially get a jackpot with big prizes when playing this game, and there are lots of things in the internet world about how to play and tutorials on how to win fast playing this game.


There are various ways to learn how to grow

  • Read more articles on how to win online dominoqq & online QQ games on the google search engine
  • Watch more videos of the masters on YouTube to get tips and tricks
  • Play more, because the more often we play, the more we will get to know this game well (playing at a small table)

Hopefully the article we share is useful for players who like to play or just want to learn to play this game.

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