How to play poker and the rules of online gambling

How to play poker and the rules of online gambling

How to play poker – Texas Gambling online poker card game is one that has not again. This game is one of the most popular games played on various online poker sites, even when compared to other types of deck card games, Texas poker is one of the most popular games. Like other online Indonesian poker games, Texas poker is played by using cards. standard rummy without the joker. The most popular game on this trusted online poker site can be played from 2 to 10 players, then later the game will last at least 4 rounds. Meanwhile, how to play poker and the rules are actually simple. Players who have previously played other poker games will definitely have no troubleunderstand the rules and how to play poker given

As mentioned above, a game that is followed by 2 to 10 players in 4 rounds must arrange a card combination, while the player who manages to get the best 5 card combination will be the winner. This player will get all the money or chips collected in the pot. . Before playing through one of the most trusted online poker sites, it’s good to know the most basic rules of this game. You need to know, poker hands that apply to poker qq are slightly different from other types of poker, such as baccarat. So there’s nothing wrong with starting this game for the first time to check what kind of card combination gives you a bigger advantage.

Meanwhile, after you as the player already know the position on the table, the next step is to determine one person as the dealer. Here, the dealer plays the role of dealing cards, as well as the determining point for the start of the game. Another important thing, the position in this Texas online poker gambling game will determine your success in the game, because the player who is on the right side of the dealer will be the small blind while the next player will be the big blind. The game will start from these two players. The small blind in this game shows that you have a stake. So for example, the small blind has a value of 10 chips and the big blind has a value of 20 chips. Later players will issue bets in the pot according to their position as the small blind or big blind. If you already understand about the dealer,

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First round / Pre Flop

This first round is called the pre-flop. In this round, the player who makes the first move is the one sitting on the left side of the big blind. Players can choose to take 3 different steps, namely fold, call or raise. Below is an explanation for each.

Second round / Flop

After all players have had their turn on the pre-flop, the dealer will enter the second half. The second round or flop starts when the dealer draws 3 cards from the community card. These three cards are called The Flop. In this game, the flop will start from the player to the left of the dealer. This means that the small blind player starts the round of the round first. Just like in the first round, players can choose to fold, raise, or call based on the The Flop cards and the hands they have, how to play poker.

Third round / Turn

Just like in the second round, the third round starts when the dealer takes one card or The Turn from the community card. The game still starts from the player to the left of the dealer. It is also the same as the previous round, players can fold if the cards they have are not profitable, or call and also raise. In this round and beyond, the blind is called a bet.

Fourth round / River

The River is the last card the dealer takes from the community card. Players can use this last chance to fold, call, or raise once again. The game also starts from the left side of the dealer.


After the fourth round ended, it was time for a showdown. At the showdown, players open the two hole cards they previously had. Here players begin to show their best 5 card combination. The player with the best card combination becomes the winner and can get all the bets in the pot. Benefits of how to play poker for new players or old players .

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