Jackpots available in online poker games 2021

Jackpots available in online poker games 2021

In the online situs qq terbaik game, we also know the jackpot or what is commonly referred to as the main prize or side prize. The jackpot itself is a way for online poker game providers to make players a little more motivated and more excited about their game, where the results obtained from the jackpot prize bonus are much greater than the results obtained from winning the game at the table.

On this occasion, we aka n talking about the jackpot prize offered in the online poker site that is very famous and popular, that site. Because we observe that there are still many online poker players who are confused by the order. Therefore, please look carefully at the online poker jackpot prize hierarchy from the lowest to the highest.

1. Full House = x 10

This is the lowest jackpot. A prize of 10x the value of the jackpot purchase will be given to online poker players who have a triple combination card and a pair. If you buy a jackpot of IDR 1,000 then you will get a prize of IDR 10,000 if you have a Full House card. All Full Houses are considered the same. So there is no difference between Full House A, A, A, K, K and Full House 2,2,2,3,3

2.Four of Kind = x 250

Furthermore, the jackpot that is no less interesting for every online poker player to get is the Four of Kind which is a jackpot that appears quite often on the table. Four of Kind or 4 twin cards is a jackpot with a combination of the same 4 cards, for example 2,2,2,2. The prize offered is 250x the nominal of the jackpot purchase. For example, if you buy a jackpot of IDR 1,000 then when you have a 4 twin card arrangement, you will get a jackpot prize of IDR 250,000. Quite tempting, right?

3. Straight Flush = x 1,200

Furthermore, the arrangement of jackpot cards that is much more interesting for us to discuss is the Straight Flush which is actually similar to the Royal Flush, it’s just that the difference is that Straight Flush is an arrangement of 5 consecutive cards with the same flower (suit) no problem starting from any card whereas The Royal Flush is set to start from 10 to A. The prizes given to online poker players who get the Straight Flush card jackpot are 1,200x of the nominal jackpot purchase. For example, if you buy a jackpot of IDR 1,000 then when you get a Straight Flush, the prize you get is IDR 1,200,000.

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4.Royal Flush = x 10,000

This is a very rare jackpot, because the cards that make up the Royal Flush are indeed very difficult to obtain. But in Indonesia online poker we will quite often see players who win the Royal Flush jackpot with a pretty fantastic prize value of IDR 5,000,000 to IDR 20,000,000. This is what makes Indonesia the most popular online poker provider for Indonesian players. Because the jackpot prize is indeed much more attractive than its competitors.

5. Super Royal Flush = x 30,000

This jackpot is the biggest jackpot that online poker players will get, all online poker players agree that this jackpot is highly anticipated when the game starts. The prize value obtained is of course very large, even though you spend a little capital, you can get a prize of 30 million on condition that you buy a jackpot of only IDR 1,000 for each round of the game. So every online poker player gets the same chance of getting the jackpot on this one.

The Super Royal Flush jackpot card has a combination of A, K, J, Q, 10 with the same interest, yes exactly the Royal Flush. However, what distinguishes the ordinary Royal Flush from the Super Royal Flush is that the Super Royal Flush only occurs from a combination of the Flop card’s hole cards (the first 3 cards that drop on the table). Meanwhile, the Royal Flush can occur from the dropping of the 4th (Turn) and 5th (River) cards.

So from here, you should understand and know what types of online poker jackpot games exist and are currently in effect on online poker game sites. Every online poker game player will get the same opportunity to get a prize from the jackpot above.

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