(Part 3) Peel and Earn Money Through Online Poker Games

(Part 3) Peel and Earn Money Through Online Poker Games

For those who have read the previous article, they must have understood the steps to playing online poker, in the previous article the admin discussed the types of online poker game cards , the article in the discussion was interrupted in discussing the types of Flush card combinations, in this article the admin will continue the discussion that most importantly, for the combination level and how to get it, the next combination after the Flush card is a Straight card combination, let’s discuss it. Happy reading.

Types of card combinations for playing online poker


This card combination is a type of consecutive series card, even though Straight does not have the same identical image pattern but if consecutive it can be the highest card, for example the Straight card sequence is 2,3,4,5,6 even though it does not have the same identical pattern it is called Straight, different Straight levels to determine victory are with the highest card combination being the winner, for aces can be combined into the highest Straight and the lowest Straight, for the lowest Straight combination is A, 2,3,4,5 is the lowest Five highs and for the combination A, K, Q, J, T is a combination called Ace High this is the highest Straight combination, of all types of Straight if you have this combination you will definitely win in online idnplay pagcor.

Three of a kind

This combination of cards at this time is often called Three of a kind, or abbreviated as a Series, this combination card has a very diverse and many combination because it has two supporting cards, where if you have the two highest supporting cards from the Series combination he is the winner, but the type the king card in the Series combination is very calculated where the order of this combination is J, Q, K, A if the online poker game all players have a combination Series the calculation for the win is the player who has the largest number will be the winner

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Two Pair

This one combination is almost the same as a draw but the number of draws here must be double, as usual the combination that will win is the combination that has the winning number in which the order is, the first highest series, the second highest series and the last the highest additional card.

One Pair

This poker card combination is often called One Pair, this poker card combination is a single series and three unrelated additional cards, if other players have the same One Pair series, the rules for calculating the winnings are to compare the draw cards and 3 additional cards, the largest number becomes the winner. in the game online poker game

High Card

The combination on this card is the lowest online poker game card combination among other card combinations, this type of combination is randomizing no series of winning calculations from this card, the player with the highest number will be the winner.

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