Pay attention to the following points before using the live chat poker feature

Pay attention to the following points before using the live chat poker feature

Currently there are many special features provided by online poker agents to support existing games, one of which is live chat poker. Live chat is a feature that allows you to chat online with other players and admins who are currently active. Of course this is very well received by the players. They are happy because they have got the feature to chat and share stories and make new friends from there. In addition, this feature is also quite effective in overcoming boredom between games.

The live chat feature itself was initially provided as customer service access with players. At first, players who are experiencing difficulties can ask questions and find solutions to customer service via this feature. However, over time this feature was finally provided for conversation between players. The live chat feature with CS is also provided on a separate channel so as not to be disturbed by player chats.

Even though you can chat freely, please note that there are some rules that you should know when using this one feature. Otherwise you may accidentally hurt other people or create a scene through what you write. So there are some basic rules for you to use the live chat feature. What are the rules? Check out the following explanation.

Maintain Courtesy

This is the manners of chatting online wherever you are, including when using the live chat poker feature. Your politeness in speaking is a reflection of your quality as a part of society. Even though you don’t meet in person, a harmonious and harmonious chat situation will certainly bring its own value to all users. The same is true when you meet toxic players or speak badly. Of course, you shouldn’t be toxic or even insult him. Try to properly understand that here everyone wants to have a peaceful conversation. However, if this player still doesn’t heed, you can just ignore him and don’t respond. If he doesn’t get a response at all, eventually he will also be quiet by himself.


Don’t Give Personal Info

One more basic rule for using the online dewa poker 99 live chat feature, namely never to share information about personal data or other confidential information. This is true because you are talking with the crowd. If you just distribute personal information once, it will spread to thousands of people you don’t know. It could be that some of them are irresponsible and use your information to commit crimes. So be careful with member information on the live chat feature.

Don’t Spam

Spam is the activity of sending large amounts of text or messages in a row. This of course will interfere with other people’s conversations. The continuous spam will fill the screen and other people’s conversations will be drowned out. Maybe you can always be active in conversations on live chat, but know the situation and conditions and maintain the existing manners.

At this point, the discussion about unwritten rules that you should know before using the online poker live chat feature. Hopefully with this you can always maintain harmony in these features and use them for good things. Moral chat is a mirror of your thoughts.

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