Several Types of Live Online Casino

Several Types of Live Online Casino

Several Types of Live Casino Online – roulette is a type of online casino bet that is most popular today, it is necessary to know the type of online casino bet, not just roullete. Here are the types of online casino bets that you should know:


Baccarat is a type of online casino bet that uses cards, the way to play is also simple and relatively easy, prospective online casino gamblers only need to guess between the two options, yes, this is the installation of Bangker or Player.

For Tie bets or we guess in a series game it will be paid with 8x of the number of bets we place.


The origin of Roullete is the Russian Roullete origin, the easy origin of this game is a game that is fun to play in gambling circles today.

The game guesses the number that means guessing numbers is, when the gambling casino roullete where the numbers 0 – 36 are available at the roullete table, which means the players only need to guess the number, actually there is a pro way that we can know to play situs judi casino online the roullete game it’s just that we must be careful to place these bets.


sicbo is one of the dice betting, the bet is very familliar among the Indonesian community, the way to play is very easy just need to guess the number of 3 dice, this type of game can be found in people’s homes even small children also know the game, just in online they consider the game worthy to be a legitimate casino game

It is necessary to know that all types of online casino bets are not cheating and there is no using the word cheet because all of these games are LIVE, which means online broadcasts take place.

It is very easy for online casino gamblers to want to play casino, it only requires the internet and your cellphone can play like in a real casino, without having to go far to Singapore, Malaysia, definitely save more time for gamblers when playing and feel relaxed playing with online casino slot online pulsa.

This casino provides several types of casino gambling games such as:

  • Live baccarat
  • Live roulette
  • Live sic bo (gambling dice)
  • Black jack
  • Baccarat double six.
  • Live Dragon tiger
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All the games above are presented by playing real live from live legal casinos.

No wonder most Indonesian players play this live casino online gambling very often.

Because this gambling game is real live directly from the casino which gives the impression that we are directly playing gambling in front of the casino table.

This gambling game relies on luck in every game, because this casino gambling game cannot be manipulated or cheated.

Therefore, this live casino game makes it a very attractive game.

In some types of live casino games there are casino gambling games that are very favorite for some members or players.

This data is obtained from the sbobet live casino center which provides data, the most played live casino games are live baccarat and dragon tiger and roulette.

These three games are the most played at online casinos.

Because this third type of casino game turns the fastest in getting a win.

Fast game rotation

A fast-paced system that provides a different game among other games.

Like this baccarat game, we only choose between 2 options, yes, this is BANKER and PLAYER.

Where the banker and player will be distributed cards in each with 2 playing cards.

If one of the bankers and players has the highest card value, that is the winner.

Dragon tiger is more or less the same as baccarat, but this type of gambling game is faster in its turnaround.

It can be said that this gambling game is the fastest in gambling, because here you only choose between 2 pictures, yes, this is a picture of a dragon and a tiger.

Where the dragons and tigers will be distributed 1 card each which will compete with the biggest winning value.

Here also the flower of the card will be taken into account.

For example in the dragon the value of the card is 10 love and in the tiger the value of the card is 10 scop, then the winner is 10 scops.

The essence of the order of cards is calculated in this game.

For the game of roulette, there are relatively many games because there are so many variations in the order.

Those are favorite games played at live casino online hope it helps.


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