Side Business (15% Commission Referral) 1 Week 1 Million Only in Online Poker Games

Side Business (15% Commission Referral) 1 Week 1 Million Only in Online Poker Games

In every economics, a business is called an organization that sells goods or services to consumers or other businesses, for a profit. In general, the word business is taken from English which means business, from the root word busy which means “busy” in the context of an individual, community, or society. In that sense, busy doing activities and work that brings profit, Maybe this era is quite difficult because the high dollar value exceeds 12,000 rupiah. He said that the president‚Ķ. then the dollar will go up again. OK, we are already facing the reality that the dollar rises, which means we are also experiencing difficulties.

What is Side Business?

Expenditures went up as food went up too. Water, electricity, gas bills also went up. If we have a business, we can fulfill all our needs with our money. If not then we have to find ways to save. If we can’t save it, then we can look for something on the side.

In this day and age many are looking for a side. If a worker may look for a side job by trading. They can sell merchandise. For those who like to ride motorbikes, they are also participating in online motorcycle taxis which are rife. It is said that he could reach millions.

In the world of online poker games, there are many ways to raise capital and profit. One of them is a man who is nicknamed Asdoy Syahputra who can get a bonus from using the share referral link of trusted online poker game agent sites such as sites. The referral process is indeed very easy and the profit bonuses that can be obtained are enormous. Everyone can do and take part in this referral program to get big profits in online poker games, there are several sites that provide referrals that are quite large, the site is this site offers referrals of 15%, this site is busy being discussed at social media, how to register as an official agent to get your Referral Link.

The following are ways to get referral bonuses on the Online idnplay poker88 site. The referral bonus is a bonus that you get from your downline member user ID. If you don’t understand what a referral bonus is and how to get it, see the following explanation, how to get referrals from online poker sites.

Online poker referral bonus is a lifetime bonus, this bonus can be obtained when you can invite friends to play in online poker such as, everyone who enters and registers using the online poker game link that you provide, you will get a 15% bonus from one person registers, now it remains only to count, in one day there are 50 people who enter and register for online poker using your online poker link, you’ve got 750% and if the minimum deposit of one person is 50,000, just count. It’s very good, isn’t it.


This referral bonus will be automatically obtained, that is, when your friends play, for each win in each game round, your ID will get a chip of 15% of the bet amount placed by your friend. For those who are still confused by the explanation above, see the explanation on how to get referral bonuses in online poker.

Steps to Get Referral Bonuses

Have a User ID

the most important thing is to have a user ID on an online poker site. For example, is one of the online poker sites that the admin himself usually uses for referrals, the admin has been doing this for about 1 month, the admin chip is currently quite satisfying. Hahaha…

Registering Referral Code

Next, all you have to do is register your user ID referral code. When you are logged in to an online poker site, click on the menu that says “Referral”, there is an empty column on that menu. Then you can fill in the column with your name or with anything, if you can’t, it means that the name you entered is already using it, you can try again using another name.

If the online game poker referral code creation process has been successful, then an online poker game link will be available with the referral code that you created. You can share this link with friends with the title that admin usually uses is online poker games, and when your friend clicks on your link, what will appear is a Registration Form with a Referral code to enter your online poker site in it.

Share the referral link

The Referral code link can be shared with anyone on social media and so on. Because the more who register via this link, the more bonuses you can get.

You don’t need to be confused about how to get the bonus, because the bonus will automatically be entered in your user ID in the form of a Chip. If you have enough, you can make a withdrawal so that the chips will turn into real money in your account later.

These are the articles that the admin has described, hopefully this article can be useful for you and this side business you can practice, if anyone doesn’t understand how to register in online poker games , you can immediately ask in the comments column, thanks for reading.

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