Win the Jackpot at DominoQQ Online

Win the Jackpot at DominoQQ Online

The online dominoqq game is one of the 6 game features available in an Indonesian online IDN pokerqq site account which uses real money to play and is a multiplayer game system.

Many people are interested in the Indonesian online domino qq gambling game because here players can play a game where the players use Chips which have real Indonesian currency exchange rates so that the game can be even more exciting.

In addition, the attraction of an online gambling site is the bonus offered by a trusted online dominoqq agent , for the types of prizes starting from Free Chips, to jackpot bonuses worth tens of millions of rupiah that players can get.

Of course, to get the jackpot bonus there are special terms and conditions provided by the online domino agent site, for players who don’t know about it, here we will discuss how to get the domino qiu qiu jackpot in more detail.

To get a jackpot in an online dominoqq game , we have to buy the Jackpot feature available before making a bet, usually this feature is located at the bottom left of the display screen.

After buying the Jackpot the next step is that the player must have a Special combination card that is in the domino qiu qiu game, by buying a jackpot and getting one of the Special Card Combinations, the player will be entitled to a jackpot prize.

In the domino qiu qiu game there are 4 types of combination cards that players can get, and of course each combination has a different total prize. The following are the types of card combinations in online


dominoqq 1. The Six Gods Card (6666)

This card is the highest combination found in the online domino qiu qiu game, to get this combination the player must have 4 cards, each of which has 6 circles. Example: 0–6, 1–5, 2–4, 3–3.

2. Balak Cards

This card is a combination of cards when the condition of the player’s card has a Balak card of 4 pieces, the log card is a card that has the same number on both sides (twins). Examples: 1–1, 2–2, 5–5, 6–6.

3. Big Pure Card

This card combination is a condition when a player has 4 cards that have a total of more than 39 circles.

4. Small Pure Cards

This card combination is the opposite of a large pure card, where players must get 4 cards that have a number of circles less than 9. Hopefully the information above can help all players who are beginners in this game in getting the jackpot prize.

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